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1. panic attacks and anxiety

it’s kind of funny when

you spend an hour, having a panic attack


bawling your eyes out

having blurred vision

over something, really, REALLY tiny that won’t affect you in the future.

especially after, when you confront the problem and realize it wasn’t that hard to deal with in the first place.

anxiety is strange. you stop thinking completely, don’t make the greatest ideas, and it feels like the world is ending when you have an attack.

you just have to realize, you’re okay. will this problem even matter ten years from now? a tip i have is to not go on your phone unless you feel like you need to talk with a loved one or watch a calming, relaxing video.

i had a really bad attack today, it lasted about two hours but i’m okay and i’m realizing how small the problem really is.

stay safe everyone πŸ™‚


um whAT.

what!! the day i decide to login and check on everyone it’s apparentlyΒ  it’s my FOUR YEAR anniversary on wordpress! i’m screaming. anyways how is everyone?? are people still active? i want to continue daily blogging!!

shitpost #89

my favorite thing in the world for sure is when people blame u for something you didn’t do and then take someone else’s side even tho they talk crap about that person

wow i love my friends


also me Β  v